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Miranda and Ben playing in the sun at Storybook GardensTyler and Jamie under a setting sun at Oak LaneMarycate and Geoff In the middle of sparks during their sparkler exitAlex and Sarah enjoying a silent moment together at Storybook GardensJack and Katelynn sunkissed under a beaututiful sunsetVianca and Justin showing their love under this amazing sunset in a handmade canoe.Micheal and Katrina Ring. Sunsetting over their farmland while cows grazed around them.Maddie and Conley Kessler. At the hilltop at sunset just off their farm house.Megan and Dylan at the alter just before family formals with "Mans best friend" and a kissSam and Ki under a very ominous sky. Sams veil was angelic just as its shown.