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tammy williams(non-registered)
always believed you were awesome at everything you did, youve got this mastered.all the pictures are great, and the webpage is awesome, love the music.maybe someday we will see some of your pictures in magazines. YOU ROCK JON, keep up the good work!!!! im proud of you.
Karen Thompson(non-registered)
Your photos are so amazing....there are a few I would love to buy....I will be calling you soon....would love for you to take some family pics for me
Misty Buskohl(non-registered)
Love love love all your photos! Truly an artist.
Jon, I love your work! Still my favorite is Calm before the Storm. I am so honored that you were able to spend time at the Dixon DQ cruise night and use your artistic ability to capture the beauty of some of the autos that evening.
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